All Projects Technology Client

The design for an Atlanta-based software company’s growing Charlotte branch office provides a space in line with the company’s progressive culture and capable of accommodating the varied work tasks of different project teams, from sales to coding to HR.

Informal areas with different seating and surface options offer a variety of settings for work and meetings. Writeable surfaces can be found throughout the design – from informal collaboration areas to formal meeting rooms. A variety of workstation types give employees options to choose the best setup for their work, from more open, connected arrangements for marketing teams to configurations that allow coders to do their heads-down focus work.

Challenged by a public lobby and corridor that divided parts of the office space, the design team used transparency to create visual connectivity where physical connections were impossible. Glass walls at key locations provide views between work spaces, and views into the public space add another layer of energy to the workplace environment. A large, open break room that is centrally located to all parts of the office offers a warm, inviting place where all employees can come together and connect. Clean lines and a mix of white, neutral and natural tones are offset by furniture and finishes that incorporate the client’s brand palette of bright, bold colors.


Location:Charlotte, NC
Size:18,000 SF
Date Completed:2015
Service Provided:Interiors