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In this office upfit for local property management group CB MECA, the aiDG team celebrated the gritty, industrial character of the existing Dyestuff building, originally built in 1939. Exposed concrete, areas of which still bear the original paint marks from the building’s industrial days, is balanced by contemporary finishes and program elements.

The space is organized into two seemingly separate offices, one for the residential business and the other for commercial, with breakroom and conference rooms shared by both. The differences in clients and functions of the two sides of the business are reflected in the design. Slightly warmer, softer details and materials are used on the residential property side, while stone and glass lend a subtle, corporate edge to the commercial side.

Workspace is primarily open office with a few private offices for management. The design team used paint on the lower part of the wall around the office perimeter to lend visual order to the space as a whole, while drawing attention to the contrast between the original and new.


Location:Charlotte, NC
Client:CB MECA
Size:10,000 sf
Date Completed:2015
Industry:Office, Renovations & Reuse
Service Provided:Interiors