From our Designers: Top 5 Trends from NeoCon 2016

Last month, aiDG sent a team of our designers to NeoCon 2016 to review the latest and greatest in corporate interior design. What’s NeoCon? “Think of it as the Detroit Auto Show of Furniture,” says aiDG Senior Interior Designer Elizabeth Hamilton. NeoCon is the largest commercial interiors show in North America, featuring over a million square feet of exhibits for every product imaginable, from furniture to floor coverings and beyond. “It’s an immersive experience,” said Hamilton. “You get to see, hear, and feel workplace trends.”

Our designers absorbed as much information as possible, keeping our clients’ projects top of mind. As in previous years, several key design concepts emerged, signalling the trends that will drive corporate interiors in the coming year. Our designers identified the top five of those trends for us here. They include:

  1. SIT TO STAND: Sit-to-stand furniture options now extend beyond the individual workstation to include conference tables and other group work surfaces.
  2. MUTED HUES AND GEOMETRIC PATTERNS: The dominant palette at this year’s NeoCon took a more subdued approach, letting texture and geometric patterns add subtle visual interest to textiles, wall coverings, and more.
  3. FELT: Felt continued its reign this year, showing up on every surface and in every hue imaginable, lending depth to geometric patterns and sculptural forms.
  4. ACOUSTIC AWARENESS: Sound-absorbing finishes and products provided a direct response to one of the most common complaints brought on by the boom in open office design – noise control.
  5. PRIVACY: Another reaction to open office environments were a host of products that create small refuges for office users in the form of panels, pods, and high-backed seating.

As our list shows, one presiding theme is driving many of the current trends in commercial interior design products, namely, how to tailor the open office to make users more comfortable. Addressing the most common criticisms of open office plans, manufacturers are equipping designers with tools that integrate privacy and cut down on noise — both acoustic and visual.

Flip through our slideshow to see examples of the trends selected by our designers:

  • NeoCon 2016 - Top 5 Trends


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