Green Apple Day(s) of Service 2015

For this year’s Green Apple Day of Service, ai Design Group partnered with landscape architecture firm Bloc Design to design and build a new, edible garden for Shamrock Gardens Elementary School. The vision was a garden where students could raise fast-growing, high-yield vegetable and fruit plants that would then be sold at a Farmer’s Market on site with the help of the school’s PTA.

Our effort began on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a charrette — a fast-paced, iterative design exercise that resulted in a complete plan for the garden space. The build day followed three weeks later on October 17, which turned out to be a beautiful, sunny fall Saturday… perfect weather for building a garden.

With the help of our fantastic crew of volunteers, we built all twelve planters, cleaned up existing vegetation, and assembled a wash station for rinsing freshly picked produce, all before lunch! We finished up seating for an informal, outdoor classroom and filled the planters with soil after lunch, and called it a wrap by mid-afternoon. (We design types tend to be go-getters, in case you couldn’t tell!)

Take a look at our team in action and the final garden in the slideshow below.
Many thanks to our generous partners for their contributions:  Bloc Design, HarkerDoerre, LLC, Shiel Sexton Co., Shaw Industries, Inc., Choate Construction, Blue Max, Lowe’s Rock Hill Store, Kim Marks, Donald Green.  We ended up with more than enough supplies and funding at the end which will go directly to the school to fund the plant material and maintenance of the garden!

Green Apple is a global movement launched by The Center for Green Schools and with the mission to put all children in schools where they have clean and healthy air to breathe, where energy and resources are conserved, and where they can be inspired to dream of a brighter future.

  • aiDG at Green Apple Day of Service 2015

    From Seed to Sale Day 1: The Charrette

    ai Design Group and Bloc Design meet on a rainy Saturday to collaborate on the garden's design.


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