Can[decon]struction 2014

As winners of last year’s Canstruction Juror’s Choice award, we came to this year’s competition with something to prove.

Building on our Canstruction tradition of locally inspired designs, our team created a hornets’ nest-shaped structure titled “Have You Heard the Buzz?” The design plays on both our city’s history — British General Cornwallis called Charlotte a “Hornets’ Nest of Rebellion” during the Revolutionary War — and the much-anticipated return of our NBA team name, the Charlotte Hornets.

Our completed Hornets’ Nest received lots of praise from passersby, and from fellow competitors we might add.

aiDG Canstruction Team

aiDG’s Canstruction Team: John Ellis (captain), Tommy Barry, Veronicah Christian, Denny Gappens, Peter Rivera


aiDG Canstruction - Hornets detail

Close-up of the wire hornets “flying” around the nest.

Then Monday morning, just 10 minutes after Team Captain John Ellis checked on it and 20 minutes prior to judging, it all came tumbling down.

Blame it on the rain or the vibrations from passing traffic, but the nest failed. Epically. In fact, the organizers said it may have been the most total collapse in Charlotte Canstruction history. Go big or go home, folks.


Fortunately, no hornets were harmed in the collapse.

In an effort to pick up the cans — and produce something other than a pile in the 20 minutes they had before judging — the team produced a tuna version of the Burj Khalifa.

aiDG Canstruction - Burj Khalifa

We came away with an Honorable Mention, but needless to say, we look forward to next year. We’ll be bringing it.

CANstruction uses the competitive spirit of a design/build competition to support Second Harvest Food Bank’s efforts to feed the hungry. Competing teams, led by architects, showcase their talents by designing sculptures made entirely out of canned foods. At the close of the exhibition, all of the canned food is donated to Second Harvest Food Bank. (Read more on AIA Charlotte’s website.)


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  1. Emily says:

    oh no! Love the plan B. way to stay flexible.

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